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Jasmina Dahl Art
1st Artist Competition

My love for art began in my youth and has developed into a true passion over the years. I have continually been inspired by the creativity and beauty of art, and have always been on the lookout for new artists and artworks.

In this spirit, I organized and supported the first artist competition, which was a great success. Twelve talented artists submitted their works, and the winners were determined through an exciting online voting process. The top five winners had the opportunity to showcase their artworks live at my exhibition.

The first place was awarded to Edmin Ibrakovic for his artwork "204 Hearts," which captured the hearts of many art enthusiasts.

Mandy Küpper achieved second place with her impressive artwork "17 Hearts."

Third place was shared by Said Saidi and Anica Djokic with their works, both of which received 16 hearts.

Milica Babic landed fourth place with her breathtaking artwork "14 Hearts,"

and Daniel Denter secured fifth place with his artwork "13 Hearts."

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